Molkki 8 April 2021 Written Update – Virender saved Purvi in a heroic style

Virender saved Purvi in a heroic style

At the beginning of the episode, Priyu and Sudha along with the kid’s went to the police station and informs them that we got a video call from Purvi and she informed us that she is a warehouse of old computers and laptops. There Anjali and Prakashi were also going to have a look on Purvi. The police along with Sudha and Priyu raided at a warehouse but they didn’t find her. The police inspector insists them to go back home as we would continue our search operation. Suddenly Manas recalls that when he was talking to Purvi, he heard train horns. Then Manas informs the police about that. One of the constables said I know a warehouse near the railway station.

Prakashi heard police jeep sound and tell the goon to take Purvi to another place. Police raided the place but they didn’t found her. Manas brought a paper on which Purvi wrote to follow the seeds fallen on the ground. Then police started following that line. Previously when Purvi heard Goons talking to shift her so she made a plan to create some clue so that they could find her. When the goons were taking Purvi she secretly dropped seeds on the ground.

Police along with them were following the line made by seeds. Prakashi was telling the goons to take care of Purvi as police should not come here. Suddenly Prakashi heard police getting inside the warehouse. Then the goon told Prakashi to escape from the back door as I would handle them. Police and Goons started firing each other. Prakashi and Anjali escape from there in their car.

Goons aimed at Purvi and told all the police officers to keep their guns down. Virender arrives there in his car and beats them badly. Kids gets happy to see Virender. Virender Beats them and told the police to stay away. Kids went to Purvi and hugs her. Virender comes to Purvi and hugs her. Purvi gets emotional.