Molkki 9 April 2021 Written Update – Purvi catches the thief.

Purvi and Virendra come home. Purvi takes everyone’s blessing. Prakashi tells purvi that she is too worried about her. Prakashi asks Virendra and purvi to take a rest. purvi tells Virendra that she needs to talk to Sudha and Priyu. Purvi went to Sudha and priyu and told them that she needed to talk to them. Anjali says how does purvi survives every time. Prakashi says that a day will come when we kill him. purvi asks about that Temple woman. Sudha says that even after searching a lot, we could not find her. Then the children come to call purvi and she leaves. Virendra is waiting for purvi. Virendra gives gifts to children. And he asks to break the gifts. Children say that purvi has taught us all how to handle gifts.

Virendra asks are you angry with me. Purvi says how can I be angry with someone who saved my life. Virendra happily asks for Purvi mouth to be sweet, then Purvi taunts. Virendra says it was his exam and purvi asks how many more exams he needs to take. Virender apologizes to purvi with folded hands. She tells him not to do it. They hug purvi goes away. Virendra thinks of a Kidnapper who could do this. purvi collides with Anjali and her phone drops down. She leans down to pick up her phone and sees that Anjali and her sister’s feet are hurt. She asks them how their feet hurt that Anjali gets nervous. Anjali lies to her. She goes. Virendra talk to the police, and the police told the kidnappers do not tell them anything, then Virendra tells the policemen to lie to Kiddeper that they will be hanged tomorrow. Hearing this, their loyalty will come out.

Anjali and her sister listen to all. here, purvi narrates the story to the children. Children complain to Anjli from purvi. purvi asks manas that you had beaten up the thieves on their feet. he says yes purvi recalls Anjali’s injury. Police Bitten the kidnappers. Police asked kidnappers to tell them who tell them to kidnapped purvi. A kidnapper tells Prakashi’s name. The police tell Virendra on the phone that the kidnappers have named her mother. Virendra passes out to Prakashi in a rage and enters her room shouting her name. Prakashi asks her what happened And scared. Virendra rages on that and shouts at her and calls her Stepmother. All the members of the house come there. Virendra asks Prakashi why he did this. Virendra asks the reason for killing purvi. Prakashi is scared. Prakashi says she did nothing. Virender shouts on Prakashi and tell him don’t call him son. Virendra asks Prakashi to leave the house. Anjali comes to her rescue but Virendra also tells her to leave the house with him. Virendra is very angry at Prakashi. He tells her that tomorrow he will punish her himself in the panchayat. Anjali calls Prakashi and Prakashi’s dream is broken.

Anjali asks prakashi what happened. Prakashi tells Anjali about her dream, she tells Anjli that her name should never know his truth to Virendra. Prakashi and Anjali go to the temple. Purvi takes Anjali’s clothes to her room. And purvi suspects Anjali and Jyoti that he is a thief. And she finds his robbed clothes. purvi gets the clothes of thieves. His mind turns into faith. purvi tells everything to Virendra and shows her the video that there is no thief but Anjli and Jyoti had entered her room to steal. But Virendra does not believe on purvi. purvi tells him to saw the ring of Anjali. Virendra is shocked.