Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 22 June 2022 written update: Uma asks Kabir if he can marry Katha

At the beginning of the episode, the ward boy misbehaves with Katha. Kabir beats him badly. The ward boy destroys the showpieces in the house and throws the food on the floor. Kabir hit him hard for his act. The police officer came and arrested the ward boy. Kabir tells him not to underestimate the power of women. The. The police officer took him with them.

Later Katha and Kabir were picking the stuff. Manu thanked Kabir to come on time and save us. Katha said Uma is still in shock. Kabir told Uma not to worry about anything and call him if anything happens. He tell Una next time he will surely come to have dinner of her hand. Uma said she won’t let him go without eating. She tell him to wait she will manage something.

Katha thanked Kabir for helping them today as she won’t be able to handle it alone. Kabir says there is nothing she can’t do it alone. Manu thought there Jodi us awesome. Everyone was at the dining table. Uma tells sorry not able to serve him there special food. Kabir says everything made by her is special. Kabir tells Katha that tomorrow he will come again to complete all the formality. Manu thought now they will on daily basis. Kishore came to Katha’s house. Kabir said he was not able to wait for him seeing the food. Katha tells him to sit and she will bring for him also. Kishore pulls Kabir legs taking Katha’s name. Manu thought she is not alone who wants them together.

Katha came into the kitchen. Uma tell Katha to leave NGO if she has decided to give Birth to this child. Kishore wonder Katha is pregnant. Manu thought she need to make them quiet. Kabir came inside the kitchen. Uma tell him to make her understand how she will survive alone. Kabir tell aunty to clam down. She tell him how she can be relaxed. Kabir said she will surely get a partner who will accept her truth. Uma ask if he can accept her knowing the truth. Katha stops Uma. Kabir was standing mute. Katha say why she is speaking all this to guests. Katha leaves from there crying. Kishore was listening everything standing at the gate.

Episode end’s