Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 24 June 2022 written update: Kabir expresses his love

At the beginning of the episode, Kishore tells Kabir he is a fan of Katha that she rejected his proposal. Kabir says till yesterday he was against her and now he is praising her. Kishore said he was against their relationship because he proposed to her out of sympathy. Kabir said this us not the actual reason and he is not showing any sympathy. Kishore says he knows him very well he can’t see anyone in pain. Kabir says it’s not like he is thinking. Kishore asks what’s the genuine reason for proposing to her. Kabir says this he will share with Katha first.

Kabir went to Katha’s house. Uma says she learned how Katha rejected his proposal. Kabir was telling Uma that he genuinely started loving her and he is not showing any sympathy. Katha comes there and requests Kabir to leave from here. Kabir says he should also get a chance to express his feelings. Katha goes inside the room. Uma tells Kabir to go and talk to her.

Kabir goes inside the room. He expressed his feelings which he feel for her. Kabir tells her she completes him and his love for her is increasing daily. He gives a cake to her. Katha says she can’t compromise with her self-respect. Kabir says no one will question her. He tells Katha that he is ready to accept the child. Katha says it’s very difficult to believe anyone right now. Kabir says he will wait for her long life. Uma thanks God for sending Kabir into Katha’s life.

Kabir gives a coin to Katha which he got from the temple. He tells Katha to consider this as our love sign. Katha saw the coin and remember this is the same coin that she tossed in the lake. She calls Uma to show the coin. Kabir asks if this is a coincidence or any indication.

Uma was convincing Katha. Kabir tells Uma to give her time. He tells Katha he is not in a hurry. After he left Uma said it’s very difficult to find a boy like him. Katha stops Kabir and accepted his proposal. Manu hugs Katha. Katha says there is one condition. Kabir asks her to speak. Katha says Kabir’s family should aware of her pregnancy. Uma says it’s their personal matter. Katha said she will continue her search for Rahul and punish him. Kabir assured her that his family will encourage her and he will not hide anything from them. Uma and Manu ask Katha now if she is happy with the proposal. Katha nods her head.

Episode end’s