Namak Issk ka 11 June 2021 Written Update -Yug took a stern decision

Colors TV’s popular showNamak Issk ka is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing twist in the story. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Yug and Gunjan both were at the mandap and other family members were standing around them. The priest started the rituals and asked who will tie the knot. Yug loudly calls Chamcham. Chamcham appears in from of them. The priest handover the cloth to Chamcham and she ties that on both the ends of their cloth. Rupa was thinking this game should get over soon before it gets late. Yug was expecting that Chamcham will stop this marriage as she can’t see me marrying someone else.

Irawati was feeling happy to see all this. Yug tells the priest to start the rituals. Yug was looking to Chamcham with the hope that she would stop the marriage and thought if you won’t stop then I will suicide. Chamcham was too wishing that Yug stop this marriage.

Yug and Gunajan started taking the rounds of mandap. Chamcham was not able to see him marrying Gunjan so she turned around. Yug tells her to turn around as I promised that I will marry in front of you. Chamcham got a call from his lawyer and he Called her near the lake for some urgent work but Chamcham denied to come. Rony was holding a gun and from his fear, he made a call to Chamcham. Yug said I won’t marry until she looks this side. Gunjan tells Yuh we should continue as it would create more pressure on her.

The lawyer called her again and said I know your husband is performing second marriage and I want to discuss something related to that only so come soon. Chamcham left from there and Yug told them we should stop till she comes back. The lawyer took Chajmt in front of the media and tells her to reveal what’s going inside. Chamcham was not willing to reveal anything to them but they were forcing her.

Irawati thought she won come too soon as she is in a trap. The Layer tells Chamcham I have to reveal all the things in media to make this case strong so he started telling about all the past of Chamcham and insults Yug in front of the media. Chamcham slaps him and Says don’t talk nonsense about him. A media reporter tells her if you won’t reveal then he has to do that. Chamcham says what you want to know ask me.

Family members got to know about Chamcham’s interview. Yug got angry seeing her on television saying that she won’t withdraw her case at any cost and she would choose justice over Yug. Rony and Irawati manipulate Yug against Chamcham by saying that she just needs attention. Yug said this marriage will happen.

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