Namak Issk ka 6 April 2021 Written Update – Chamcham attempts suicide!

At the beginning of the episode, Chamcham was enjoying the function but suddenly her eyes balls color changed. Chamcham was now in a serious mood. Irawati was controlling her through black magic. Chamcham went to the terrace and record a self video. Irawati said today I would free Chamcham from this world. Chamcham jumped from the terrace and fell on dry Grass which was filled in the truck. After this Irawati fainted and fell down.

Rani came to Yug and told him that Chamcham is missing. Yug gets tensed and worries for him. Gunjan asks Yug that why are you getting worried for him. Rania and Yug went to search for Chant but they didn’t find her. After they come back Rony gave him Chamcham’s phone in which there was a video in which Chamcham said I am going back to my village because I don’t want to trouble the family. Yug told them that Rani would not go anywhere. Gunjan objected and Rani also tells Yug that I would go back to my village. Rony thought that now I would use Rani to reach Chamcham.

Rani was sitting in a room and thinking that why Chamcham left without informing her. Rupa came to Rani and told her not to worry. Rupa gave her money to keep with her and hugs Rani. Saroj came there and tells Rani to go from this house and never return. Rani told her that I would never come back to this house.

Rani was leaving the house. As she was leaving she tells Yug that you didn’t do right with Chamcham. Yug tells her that now also I am not feeling right about anything as she would take you with her. Rani told her that I have to go from here today or tomorrow. Yug was trying to stop her but Saroj and Gunjan held his hand. Yug was telling them to leave me as she is a small kid but they didn’t leave his hand. Rony came and informed Saroj that Irawati went for some urgent work and she would come late. Yug tells they both missing I think there is Irawati’s hand behind this. Saroj tells him not to think rubbish.

Saroj tied Yug’s hand and told him that I would not free you till you get to know what is right. Rony came there and told to free Yug as now they might have gone far. Everyone was telling Yug to forget about Chamcham as she is not good for this house. Yug went into Ravikanth and tells him that I have done wrong with everyone but now I would take my all responsibility carefully.

Rony heard Patanga talking to someone about the suicide act by jumping from the terrace. Rony started doubting Irawati for the sudden missing of Chamcham. The truck driver saw Chamcham in her truck in an unconscious state. He calls the doctor for her. Rony was praying to God for giving him any sign of Chamcham’s location. Tu e doctor told them that we are late for her operation. A lady requested him not to lose hope and start the operation. Yug was also praying to God for Chamcham.

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