Namak Issk ka 8 April 2021 Written Update – How Yug will find Chamcham?

At the beginning of the episode, that lady teaches how to prepare the butter. Yug was sitting and recalling that confession video that Chamcham made before. Yug cross-checks with someone that really he confessed his love to Chamcham in front of everyone. That man told her that you confessed your love that day in front of everyone and I was here only. Yug thought how it can be possible that I confess my love as I am getting marry to Gunjan.

Yug saw an old couple taking care of each other and seeing them Yug thinks for a while and then tells now I got the answer. Yug decided if once Chamcham would come in front of me then I would tell her everything. Rony was telling his men to find Chamcham at any cost.

Chamcham tells the lady that on that house there is a person who knows about my parents and I was waiting for him to get well so that he can reveal something about my parents. Chamcham request the lady to go and bring Rani here as after that I would stay somewhere else with her. Yug and Chamcham were missing each other badly. Chamcham was recalling all past moments with Yug. There Yug was praying to God to make him meet Rani once.

The next day Dolly saw Ravikanth moving his finger then she thought it would be my illusion. Kaki calls few girls and tells them to stay with Chamcham as her mood is off. Harsh saw Rani sitting on the couch and remembers that Rony once told him to beat Rani and Lucky if you saw them anywhere. Harsh throws a ball on her and Rani gets hurt. Rupa came there and scolds Harsh to behave like this.

Saroj and Gunjan objected Rupa to take Rani’s side as she is Chamcham’s cousin. Gunjan tells Saroj that no one takes me seriously in this house. Saroj told her not to worry as Chamcham has gone from this house. Saroj tells her that Yug is also not present over here.

Yug went to the police station to get information about Chamcham but he doesn’t get any information. Suddenly Kaki comes to Yug with that butter made by Chamcham. Yug asks her about Chamcham and she tells him that she is with few girls as they are trying to keep her happy. Kaki tells her to go and find her. There Irawati was at some strange place and a lady told her that you need more power to defeat Chamcham as she is also a true follower of God. Yug rushes to find Chamcham and she was paying with her eyes closed. Yug comes and removes the cloth tied on her eyes. Then they both share eye contact.

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