Namak Issk ka 9 April 2021 Written Update – Yug confesses his love to Chamcham

At the beginning of the episode, Yug went rushing to Chamcham and ask her why you left the house without informing me. Chamcham told him that I said you previously only that I won’t talk to you unless you tell me the relationship between us. Yug told her that I got your answer. Chamcham says then tell me. Yug told her that when you went far for me it’s was difficult to live without you and now I can’t live without you because I love you. Yug’s hug Chamcham. Chamcham said i can’t believe as you randomly change your word. Yug told her that I really love you.

Chamcham tells him that I can’t believe you as you never stay on your words so just send Rani to me and I don’t believe on your love. Yug told her that if you don’t have faith on my love then I will not force you. Yug left from there but he was not happy. Yug went near his car and put it on fire while sitting inside the car. Chamcham came running and get’s shocked to see Yug sitting inside the burning car. Chamcham went near the car to save him. Chamcham scolds Yug for doing such an act. Yug told her that I can do anything to prove my love. Chamcham asked will you forget me again? Yug tells her I would stay with you till the last breath. Chamcham tells him to me and then they hug each other. Chamcham feels happy and tells him that now you are mine now onwards.

Saroj gave jewelry to Gunajan by telling that I buyed this for my small daughter in law so you need to keep this. Saroj told her that you have to make sure that Yug stays away from Chamcham. Gunjan told her that I would not let her come near him. Saroj thought I would save my son from that dancer. Yug tells Chamcham to come along with me to home. Chamcham tells him that your family would not accept me as they consider me as a burden. Yug asks her that what happened as you used to fight with them for me. Chamcham tells him that I don’t want to trouble your family as I just wanted to stay there because Ravikanth knows about my parents. Yug told her not to think much as I want to spend my life with you. Chamcham asks him that what would say to them. Yug told her that we both were tackle to this problem.

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