New Year, New Me: Somy Ali, Eijaz Khan, and Somy Ali on what is on their mind for 2022!

Every New Year, we think of starting fresh, doing something that we have never done before. Celebrities too have their to-do list ready for 2022. They tell us about that one new thing that they are going to do this year. Find out more!

Somy Ali– Remove any individual who is bringing toxicity in my life. Only productive and positive people will be allowed to take space in my brain and real life.

Arslan Goni– I am going to stop procrastinating. I sometimes delay or end up being lazy in the things I do or I want to do. I am going to push myself and ensure that  I meet my deadlines

Eijaz Khan- I want to focus on my mental health and fitness. I want to strike a balance between personal and professional life. I want to start sleeping early. That lifestyle change is extremely necessary for me. I want to make sure that I continue with my namaz and I start practicing meditation early in the morning. I want to take out time for football too. Playing sports is also very important.