Nidarshana Gowani’s recent rejuvenating Swiss holidays has been an amazing experience

Nidarshana Gowani recently spent some relaxing time away from home. She went to Switzerland and Lapland for holidays. This 20-day trip was an “amazing experience” for her.

“I went to Geneva, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Zurich, Helsinki, Lapland, Frankfurt and Germany. The food is very different but as we are vegetarian, I usually don’t try many different cuisines. I like to have whatever you get in the veg menu. In some of these places they eat a lot of meat and non-veg, but this time I saw a lot of vegan food everywhere. It seems people are turning vegan all over the world,” she says.

Travelling is important for Nidarshana. “When you travel you meet new people, experience different things, it relaxes your mind, makes you think of a better, helps you get a new vision in life. The experience also refreshes you, the exposure that you get when you travel makes you an evolved human being,” she adds. In the current scenario several protocols were followed while travelling. And, one needs to be mindful.

“Everywhere you go, you have to do your RT-PCR test and you have to keep your mask on. If you take care, put your mask properly, sanitise your hand, take care of yourself then in this situation also you can travel safely,” shares Nidarshana.

Talking about experiencing snowfall, she says, “Places in winter where there is a lot of snowfall are destinations that I love to visit. In 2019, I was in Moscow, Russia, in 2020 I was in Gulmarg, Kashmir, and this time I was in Lapland, Finland, and it was -25 degrees. I got to see the snowfall and the experience was very different. So if you can bear the cold you can go to such places and enjoy to your heart’s content.”