Nilanjana Purkayasstha on new show Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii: A heroine questioning patriarchy and standing up for herself, her career, is new to Indian TV

Nilanjana Purkayasstha is happy that the promos of her new show Dhadkan Zindagi Ki have been receiving good response. The show maker and storyteller shares she is now looking forward to how the audiences react when the show goes on air.

“It is gratifying because the idea of questioning patriarchy and portraying a heroine who stands up for herself and her career is new to Indian television. The promos seem to have struck a chord with the audience and we are happy about that. This theme of sexism is the USP of Dhadan Zindaggi Kii. We do it not just through the story of the lead character of Dr. Deepika Sinha (Additi Gupta) but also through other characters and their stories. The show talks about women in a topical way and challenges the status quo of the representation of women on Indian TV for the last two decades. The show is almost entirely based at the workplace and highlights the challenges for women at the workplace, unlike 99% of Indian TV shows that highlight challenges for women at home,” she says.

There have been many shows made on doctors. This is not the first time. One wonders how Dhadkan Zindagi Kii is different.

“Dhadkan Zindagi Kii is probably the most authentic medical drama made on Indian TV. It shows medical procedures, surgeries, etc in an authentic way. It is not a love story with the hospital just at the backdrop. It is about the lives of doctors, their professional and personal challenges are played out in a seamless way,” she ends.