Nima Denzongpa 21 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Alok asks Tulika why is she here? She imagines like grin to him and says she arranged supper for him. Alok acclaims the food taste. He requests that she feed him. Nima scowls at him yet he feeds to Tulika. She messes with him out of frustration. Alok groans in torment. Tulika imagines like sentiments sorry to him. Alok tells her he has one treat for her to bring back her mind-set.

After he leaves Tulika ridicules him with Nima and Suresh. He sees this and thinks something is the matter with them. Alok requests her staff to go out for two minutes. He gives accessory to her. Nima says that he is squandering Virat’s cash superfluously. Tulika will not acknowledge his gift there. Alok persuades her in some way. He requests her to give kiss to him.

Tulika says that she isn’t such sort! He imagines like furious on her so she consents to kiss him. She requests that he shut his eyes. Suresh kiss him and conceals down. He asks Tulika what’s that sound? Nima tosses pad on him to redirect him.

Tulika imagines like playing with him. Layer Tulika tells Sunita that he gifted 5 lakh Money worth accessory to her. Nima tells her that they can’t acknowledge it. She needn’t bother with his cash. Assuming Virat call her she will request that he return. She just stresses over Gulshan. She want to bring his reality out. He just gives vital to two things. Cash and lady.

Following day Tulika visits Alok in his home. She imagines like crying before him. Alok asks them what was the deal? Nima illuminates to him that her sibling sold out her. Her dad is rich individual he gave all properties to her name and get spouse name. Hello sibling attempting to kill her. They are wandering out of control to conceal her.

Tulika proposes her to remain here. Alok says that she worked effectively. He requests that she stay here the amount she really wants. Later Nima calls to Sunita and offers to her beginning and end. She guarantees to Nima that god will assists her with tackling every one of the issues. Suresh offers oil back rub to Alok.

He misleads him that Tulika is exceptionally rich she won’t share this to anybody. Alok consents to do the oil rub. He sends him to take the package. Alok asks Bindhu ( Nima) to do the oil back rub to him. She denies it thinking she doesn’t have any acquaintance with it. Nima poured hot oil on him. He admonishes her out of resentment. Suresh imagines like admonishing her and ridiculing him.

Later Alok comaints to Tulika that her driver is a bonehead. Tulika lets him know she is alarming him so its she is leaving from here. She will move all properties on her connection then she have no issue. He stops her and guarantees her he will oversee everything so she can remain here. Somebody rings the ringer Suresh tells him it appears they followed them here as well. Alok gets terrified and wonder whether or not to open the entryway.

Episode end