Nima Denzongpa 25 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Alok requests that Nima drive the vehicle. She illuminates to him that he doesn’t be aware to drive the vehicle. Alok grumblings that he isn’t a man who doesn’t be aware to drive the vehicle. Nima says that she will pick up driving. Tulika requests that they quit making fun. Suresh gives the dessert box to him to grasp.

Later Alok places the rice pot in the entrance and requests that Tulika kick it by her leg. Alok deceives them that he doesn’t have a mother to do these customs. Nima specifies him as a lier and deals with the circumstance that nobody is a vagrant there. Suresh and Nima push her inside.

Alok chastens them there. Security comes there and takes Alok from that point. Later Nima questions Suresh and Tulika for what reason did he played out her marriage with Alok? Suresh illuminates to her this is phony marriage since he brings counterfeit clerics there. Nima gets some information about vermilion and the marital chain. He describes to Nima what really occurred in the sanctuary.

Suresh persuades Alok to play out the marriage. Suresh camouflage like Tulika and sits close to Alok and plays Tulika’s voice recording. He looks for Suresh there he talks in Tulika’s voice to stop him. They finish the customs there. Cleric misleads his in marriage over. Alok grievances that still he didn’t make her wear marital chain and vermilion. Minister tells him that the marital chain missing.

Later Tulika requests that he fill her hairline with vermilion while shutting his eyes. He gestures and fills vermilion on Suresh’s hairline. Later Nima inquires as to whether Alok takes advantage of Tulika thinking of her as his better half? Suresh guaranteed her to let’s deal with the circumstance. Nima calls Sunita and illuminates everything to her.

Alok gets back and looks for Tulika there. He gets astounded to see Tulika changing her dress and enquires her for what reason didn’t she wear the marriage dress? Bindhu deceives him that she feels tired that is the reason she transformed it. He gets some information about their most memorable evening. Bindhu deceives him that she has a few customs to don’t celebrate the first night till she goes to the sanctuary.

Alok requests that she stay in his room at any rate. Nima shares with him that she will return subsequent to wearing a wedding dress. Alok believes that he will not do a similar misstep which he done to Mona. He will take all choices in this life. Later Suresh comes in their mask-like Tulika. Alok attempted to the sentiment with him. He argues with them to effectively stop him.

Nima brings mik there and requests him to drink it thinking Tulika set it up extraordinarily for him. He drinks it half and requests that Tulika drink the remaining. Nima attempts to stop Alok yet he is determined. Nima imagines like descends he chastens him. Suresh drinks the milk without choice. The two swoon on the bed Later Nima and Tulika awaken and sees Suresh and Alok dozing together on bed.