Pandya Store 1 march 2021 Written Update – Dhara Grows Envious

At the beginning of the episode, Gautam’s uncle said that Dhara is like a true blessing for Gautam. Gautam’s uncle said Dhara will always help him and will stay with him in every situation of life. A girl comes to buy something and then she starts flirting with Gautam. Dhara sends Gautam inside the shop and started delivering what that girl needed. Dhara and Gautam become happy. Gautam is working inside the shop and Dhara is managing the food cart. Prafulla’s husband informed her that they have lost the mill. Anita said that Gautam has started a new business. Prafula’s husband informed Prafula that their workers didn’t get their salaries for the last three months.

Shiva is waiting outside the home for that person who was showing the girls pictures to Suman. Shiva asked that man to return Suman’s 500 rupees. Prafula started crying and said how they will return their revenue? Prafula’s husband said to borrow some money to pay the revenue. Anita said if they lost everything then they will have to live the Poor’s life. Dhara is helping Gautam in his business. Gautam said whatever Dhara has seen is not the truth. Dhara said they have to deliver the grocery. Gautam said Dhara to listen to him. A woman arrived to buy something and she also admired Gautam’s outfits. Dhara becomes angry. Gautam asked Dhara to deliver the products. Dhara said how he can go while having a lipstick’s mark on his shirt. Gautam said he and Anita have nothing in between them. Dhara said she knows that Anita is his past. Gautam said Anita was his past but Dhara is his present and he is living the present happily. Gautam left to deliver the orders.

Anita said to Prafula that she is unlucky that she has rejected Gautam. Prafula said she has captured 4 mills but her husband is not able to handle any of them. Anita said Dhara has warned her. Prafula asked Anita that why she has gone to Gautam’s shop? Anita said she needs Gautam back in her life. Dhara gives her first income to Gautam, but Gautam refused to take the money and asked her to keep it with her. Dhara left the shop. Prafula’s husband asked Prafula to borrow the loan. Prafula said to Anita to sell her husband.

Gautam asked Dhara to manage the money earned from the food cart separately. Dhara saw an insect at Gautam’s shoulder and she got frightened. Dhara hit Gautam’s back with a carry bag and they both fell. Gautam and Dhara share a romantic moment.