Pandya Store 1 May 2021 Written Update – Ishika’s Mellow Drama

At the beginning of the episode, Ishika informed everyone that Dev will not arrive. Suddenly Dev arrived and ask Dhara to serve food to him. Dev said he is angry. Ishika asked Dev why he is lying in front of everyone? Dev said the food looks too yummy, that’s why he wanted to eat. Gautam asked Raavi to start eating first because she has prepared the food. Gautam feeds a bite to everyone with his hands. Raavi and Shiva started fighting with each other for eating food from Gautam’s hand. Gautam tried to feed Ishika with his hand, Ishika refused to eat from Gautam’s hands. Ishika said she can’t eat like this and started shouting. Gautam left the dining room without eating the food. Dev too left the dining room.

Gautam is thinking while sitting under the tree. Dev arrived and started crying. Dev apologizes to Gautam for Ishika’s words and mistake. Gautam told Ishika is new to their family, so they have to understand Ishika. Everyone arrived there. Raavi asked Gautam to eat food from her hands. Krish and Shiva too feed Gautam with their hands. Everyone eating together. Ishika saw everyone and get angry. Ishika started packing her bags again. Ishika started crying.

Prafula packing her bags to go to the place where Pandya Family is enjoying it. Prafula asked Anita to get ready to go with her. Anita said she don’t want to go with Prafula anywhere. Prafula shouts at her and asked her to pack her bags. Anita becomes sad. Dev arrived to his room. Dev started shouting at Ishika and asked her don’t she love his family? Dev said they are not in college now, they are married now and they have to live and adjust with their family. Ishika said she can’t eat from someone’s hands. Dev said she have to adjust with his family. Suddenly Gautam asked Dev to come out from his room. Gautam told Dev that everything will be fine soon. Gautam asked Dev to stay calm.

Dev said sometimes Ishika behaves like she didn’t like their family. Gautam said Ishika left her family for him and he have to handle Ishika and make her comfortable. Dev told Ishika hurts everyone, every now and then. Gautam said no one gets hurt. Gautam informed Dev that he have arranged a bonfire tonight. Gautam said we all have to spend time together.

Episode end.