Pandya Store 10 June 2021 Spoiler -Ishika save everyone

In the upcoming episodes, Suman asks Dhara to pack her luggage and go back to her home. Suman sits in the pooja and asks pandit ji to start the pooja again. Ishika save everyone and take all of them to the temple in the tractor.

Will Suman stop Dhara or not?

Up till now
In the previous episode saw that, Shiva pick up Raavi and moving out of the temple. Suddenly a wall fall in front of Shiva, they both fall down. Suddenly roof fall down over Shiva and Raavi. Ishika went to the mukteshwar and found that everyone stuck inside the temple so she decided to help everyone. Even two men asked her to not go inside the temple, she didn’t stopped. Ishika finds Dev and heard Krish’s voice. Both of men asked Ishika not to go close to Krish. Ishika said she will save Krish, because her family is important than anything else. Ishika saved Krish and with him she decided to also find Shiva and Raavi. Shiva started singing song “kal ho na ho” for Raavi. Raavi said Shiva again sing the wrong lyrics. Shiva try to come out of the heap of stones, but he can’t. On the other hand Suman shouted at Dhara for her decisions.

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