Pandya Store 11 June 2021 Spoiler -Suman will stop Dhara

In the upcoming episode, Dhara going back to her home. Shiva told Suman that if Dhara will leave their family then no one will stay happy and requests her to stop Dhara. Suman goes behind Dhara and asks her to stop. Dhara get shocked and she stops at the departure of Haweli.

Will Suman stop Dhara?

Up till now
In the previous episode we saw that, Rishita and Krish arrived for help, they removed the stones over Shiva and Raavi. After some efforts Shiva and Raavi wake up. All of them came out of the temple. Suman asked Gautam to call Hardik and take his sister to his home. Rishita drive the tractor and take all of them to the temple. Suman asked Dhara to pack her luggage. Rishita arrived with all of them. Dhara and Gautam get shocked after watching all of them. Dev informed that temple get broke and they all get stuck in the temple. Shiva said Rishita helped them out and said because of Rishita they all are alive. Dhara shows her gratitude towards Rishita. Shiva said Dhara’s decision was right and they all are together because of her. Suman give hug to everyone except Dhara and Gautam and also shows gratitude towards Rishita for saving her sons’ lives. Dhara apologised and said she is leaving this house. Everyone started crying.

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