Pandya Store 12 June 2021 Written Update -Prafulla wants to provoke Rishita.

Star Plus’s fiction “Pandya Store” depicts the traditional complicated family’s daily routine and challenges, which is vanished nowadays.

At the beginning of the episode, Gautam and Dhara shared their romantic night together. Gautam told Dhara that he didn’t need anyone other than Dhara and asked does she is happy or not? Dhara said she is happy. Gautam said they why you didn’t admired mu efforts till now, and they both go to their room. On the other hand Dev and Rishita too shared some romantic moment. Suddenly Shiva wake up from sleep and started worrying about Raavi then he sleep again. After some time Raavi wake up and said thanks to Shiva.

Raavi want to give thanks note to Shiva but she thought he will never read any note, so she messaged him and suddenly Shiva wake up and said he didn’t need any thanks. Prafula collide with Shiva and try to inflame her and said everyone has made him servant. Shiva hold Prafula’s hand and asked her to remove her bangles. Prafula started shouting, Raavi arrived, Shiva leave the Prafula’s hand.

Gautam and Dhara arrived in Suman’s room. Gautam said their property is too far away from their home so he want to sell the property. Suman said she want to do farming on that property. Prafula told Raavi that Shiva fights with her a lot. Raavi asked her to stop. Prafula said Shiva is a devil and asked Raavi to leave Shiva. Raavi told Prafula that Shiva is her husband and she can’t leave him like that and said she don’t want to ruin her life due to someone else’s opinion and leaves from there.

Suman said ok let’s sell the property. Gautam said he want to open another branch of Pandya Store, because it was his father’s dream. Prafula heard everything. Dhara asked Suman to take opinion from Shiva and Dev before this deal. Suman said it is not necessary to take their opinion and ordered Gautam to sell the property. Prafula decided that she will create drama for this issue and will not let them sell the property. Prafula come to Anita and asked her to say yes. Suddenly Rishita arrived, Prafula said Gautam want to sell that property for his future planning. Rishita get shocked.

Episode end.