Pandya Store 13 February 2021 Written Update – Mixed Day For Gautam

At the start, Gautam, Gautam’s brothers and Dhara fight with goons, one goon is about to step on the photo of Gautam’s father, but Dhara stops him, Prafulla sees this whole scenario from outside, Prafulla takes a photo of Pandya store, she says to herself that “ I will show this to Gautam’s mother ”. There in home, a lady comes toward Gautam’s aunty and she tells her about the situation of Gautam, Gautam’s aunty prays for the wellbeing of Gautam.

There, goons throw Gautam’s family out of the store, Gautam takes his father’s photo. Prafulla humiliates Gautam’s family, she says to Gautam that “ you were about to fool me and Anita, and when we cancelled wedding, you married Dhara and Dhara is a bad charm for you ”, then Shiva throws sand in the mouth of Prafulla, Prafulla is about to beat Shiva but a lady stops her. Then Prafulla says to Gautam that “ your brother is a small child that’s why I am leaving him because his mother is also in bed and his mother can also die after listening about Pandya store ”, then Prafulla walks away. Gautam after seeing the store takes his family to his home.

In Gautam’s home, Prafulla comes toward Gautam’s mother, she gives Gautam’s mother some plates. Prafulla puts that plates on bed one by one, and she says “ this plates are for begging, you can now start begging on the road with your family because Pandya store has been taken away , you used to walk proudly in front of me but now you have lost your only source of income ”, then Gautam, Gautam’s brothers and Dhara who is hiding her face with saree comes in the house. Prafulla says to Gautam’s mother that “ you haven’t seen your daughter-in-laws face till now, let me show you ”, then Prafulla pushes Dhara onto Gautam’s mother, Gautam’s mother becomes tensed by knowing that Dhara is her daughter-in-law, Gautam’s mother starts shaking, Gautam tries to relax his mother, then Gautam’s mother pushes Dhara on floor, and then a miracle happens Gautam’s mother start speaking, she says to Gautam that “ Dhara’s mother was a false lady and Dhara is also like her, so you should throw Dhara out from my house ”, Gautam and his family members become surprised by listening this, Gautam says to his mother that “ today miracle is happened, your voice is back again ”. {Episode Ends}

Pandya Store 13 February 2021 Written Update – गौतम के लिए सबसे खराब और सबसे अच्छा दिन