Pandya Store 15 January 2022 written update – Dhara Finds a Baby

At the beginning of the episode, Shiva cut the hairs of Anita, Prafula recorded everything and called the police. Prafula show the recording to the police and that’s why the police took Shiva to jail. Due to fire, a small kid of 6 months gets missed from the hospital. Dhara also left from the hospital and sits in the garden. Dhara found that kid crying in the garden and try to make her calm. Shiva was crying in the jail and regretted himself for loving Raavi. Shiva writes on the wall of jail that he hates Raavi and takes revenge on her. Raavi was walking on the road and recognized everything that has happened in the hospital. Raavi was in shock and that’s why she didn’t listen the sound of cars.

Raavi collides with a car and gets unconscious. Anita was crying in her room. Prafula come to Anita’s room and asked why everyone is telling Kamini responsible for everything. Anita informed Prafula that Kamini planned everything and due to her only she went to operation theatre to implant Gautam’s baby in her womb. Prafula get angry and said she have a reward for Anita. Prafula took a rope and tied Anita with a chair. Anita asked why Prafula tied her? Prafula said Shiva is in jail which is a very good thing but Raavi will come here to fight with Anita. Prafula said if Raavi will come to meet Anita then she should not say anything to her.

Prafula went to jail to manipulate Shiva. Dhara went to the market to get milk for that small baby. Dhara get tea and biscuits from a man, she was going to the garden without giving money. That tea seller hold Dhara’s hand and asked her to give money. Dhara said she doesn’t have enough money now but she will pay soon. That tea seller asked Dhara to clean the utensils. Prafula went to the police station and said she get food for him. Prafula went to the Shiva’s cabin and said he misbehave with everything. Shiva asked why she came here? Prafula said no one cares for him that’s why she gets food for him. Prafula said Raavi put Shiva in jail and she is enjoying at her home.

A family took Raavi to their home and get worried about her. Prafula started laughing at Shiva and said no one thinks about him. Prafula said Dhara is missing from the hospital. Dhara cleaned the utensils but the tea-seller didn’t give tea and biscuits to Dhara. Shiva shouted at Prafula and asked her to leave from there.

Upcoming Story: Dhara hides in the storeroom of Pandya store, but the baby starts crying.

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