Pandya Store 14 June 2021 Spoiler -Rishita is against Gautam’s decision

In the upcoming episodes, Rishita will ask Dev to build a farm house on their land. Dev will give this opinion to his brothers. Gautam will tell all of his brothers that it was their father’s dream to expand the Pandya Store and open branches in other cities too.

Will Rishita fight with Suman for land?

Up till now
In the previous episode we saw that, Dev and Rishita too shared some romantic moment. Raavi want to give thanks note to Shiva but she thought he will never read any note, so she messaged him and suddenly Shiva wake up and said he didn’t need any thanks. Gautam told Suman that their property is too far away from their home so he want to sell the property and open a another branch of Pandya Store. Suman agreed for the deal. Prafula asked Raavi to leave Shiva. Raavi told Prafula that Shiva is her husband and she can’t leave him like that and said she will not ruin her life due to Prafula’s opinion. Prafula decided that she will create drama for this property deal and will not let them sell the property. Prafula tried to inflame Rishita and told Anita that Gautam want to sell that property for his future planning. Rishita heard Prafula’s words and get shocked.


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