Pandya Store 14 May 2022 written update: Rishita blames Dhara

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara asks Damini why she takes the cover from her. Dhara gives a gift to Rishita and asks her to keep it. Rishita gets happy. She gives gifts to Dev also. Damini asks her not to open it and ask her to open it later. Everyone is praying while Damini tries to take the necklace but Raavi stops her. Everyone is praying when damini takes the necklace.

Janardhan asks Gautam to come with him so that they can chill. Gautam drinks the juice and Janardhan asks to take it more. Everyone was busy in the Aarti and doing Pooja together. Gautam says that something is mixed in this juice. Janardhan looks on. Dhara gives blessings to Rishita and Dev. Rishita gets happy. She feeds Rishita. Gautam asks Janardhan if he will bring his brother from here. Rishita eats the kheer and Suman asks Dhara to talk with her. Rishita feels weird and said that she mixes cardamom in her food. Rishita blames Dhara. Dhara says that she didn’t do this. Rishita says that she is feeling jealous of her child. Dhara asks her to ask about her bua about this. The phone gets falls and the box gets opened.

Everyone sees that the necklace is missing. Dhara gets tensed. She tries to find out the necklace. Rishita asks them to stop. She Shouts at Dhara. Dhara says that she brings her necklace for him. Dhara start crying and said that this is her Mother’s last thing. Dhara start crying and said that she always think that they should live together. Dev asks Dhara to stop and said that she ruins everything.

Shiva comes to find Gautam. Shiva asks Gautam if he drinks something. He asks her to drink water. Dhara says where is her family who lives together. Dhara Cries. Janardhan asks Gautam that why he is not standing. He asks him to do it outside. Shiva takes him from there. Dhara says that if she brings her necklace here and wants to see the CCTV camera. Damini looks on. Everyone looks on.

Upcoming story: Everyone runs and sees the shop is burning. Gautam gets Shocked.

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