Pandya Store 15 June 2021 Written Update -Shiva fights with Prafula

Star Plus’s fiction “Pandya Store” depicts the traditional complicated family’s daily routine and challenges, which is vanished nowadays.

At the beginning of the episode, Gautam informed all of his brothers that his father wanted to open the branches of Pandya Store. Dev asked why he is telling everything to them? Gautam said he want to inform about the arrangement of the money for the opening of new branch. Dev get shocked and started thinking about Rishita’s opinion of building farm house. Gautam asked don’t you like the idea of selling the property. Dev said he likes the idea of selling the property. Rishita heard the conversation between Gautam and Dev, Rishita decided to talk to Dev again.

Suman saw video in which she was shouting at Dhara and get shocked after watching this. Suman decided to take revenge from Prafula. Dev arrived in his room, Rishita started shouting at Dev for not telling anything in front of Gautam. Dev said it was his father’s dream and if they will open a new branch then this will ne profitable for everyone. Prafula was eating food, Suman throw wood on Prafula and asked why she made a video of fight between Dhara and her? Prafula said she want to show the difference between a daughter and daughter-in-law.

Suman started shouting at Prafula. Rishita and Dhara heard Prafula’s voice and come near Suman. Suman asked Dhara to call Gautam. On the other hand, Krish was trying to study, but he saw that girl again and got distracted. Suman informed Raavi that Prafula’s husband has stolen her bangles and that’s why Shiva want to take bangles from Prafula. Raavi started shouting at Prafula and asked her to go back to Somnath and leaves from there. Suman said now everything is clear in front of her daughter.


Prafula come to Raavi and again tried to inflame her and said Pandya family didn’t respect her and again started insulting Shiva and said Shiva got land but Gautam is trying to sell that land. Shiva heard everything and come to Prafula and started shouting at her. Raavi asked Shiva to behave properly with Prafula. Shiva started shouting at Prafula for breaking his family. Prafula said Shiva is a servant. Raavi asked Prafula to not to insult Shiva in front of her. Shiva asked Raavi to stay silent and said he want to listen Prafula’s words. Prafula said she don’t Shiva is not able to take Suman’s bangles back from her anyhow and started insulting Shiva and Pandya family. Shiva put knife on Prafula’s neck and said before going to Somnath he will anyhow take Suman’s back from Prafula. Dhara and Gautam arrived there and stopped Shiva. Gautam started shouting at Shiva.

Episode end.