Pandya Store 19 April 2021 Written Update – Goons Attacked Shiva & Raavi

At the beginning of the episode, Raavi said Dhara ruined her life by marrying her with Shiva. Dhara said we didn’t get what we like and love. Dhara said ups and downs of life make life more beautiful. Dhara said everything will be fine soon. Janardhan’s goons waiting outside the Pandya’s residence. Gautam brings suits and sarees for Ishika. Dhara said Ishika will be happy after watching this. Dhara asked Dev to give these outfits to Ishika because nothing has came from Ishika’s house. Dev said thank you to Gautam and Dhara. Dhara said he should not say thank you to his family members. Dev hugs Shiva and said whatever will get change, but Dev and Shiba will be brothers forever. Shiva is quiet and not talking to anybody. Dhara asked Dev to give outfits to Ishika. Dhara asked Shiva to stay normal and happy.

Ishika’s mother eating food, but Janardhan’s elder sister asked her to eat less and stop doing makeup. Janardhan’s elder sister asked Ishika’s mother to pretend and looks as of she is ill. Ishika got happy after watching sarees and started thanking Dev. Dev said Dhara and Gautam brought sarees for her. Janardhan’s elder sister called Dev and informed him that Ishika’s mother is ill. Dev give phone to Ishika. Ishika said to Janardhan’s elder sister that she knows she is lying. Ishika said she will not get fooled by these silly excuses and cut the call. Everyone gathered in the hall. Both the couples get blessings from Suman. Suman blessed Raavi but not to Ishika. Ishika got embarrassed.

The whole family going to the temple. Everyone going to the temple, but Shiva’s bike stopped in front of Pandya’s residence. Shiva and Raavi started fighting with each other. Shiva repairing the bike, but the sunlight was troubling him. Raavi protects Shiva from sunlight by holding her saree. Shiva repaired the bike and they both together heading towards the temple. Gautam and Dhara reached the temple. Gautam prays to god to fill both couples’ life with happiness and also prays to keep Dhara happy. Gautam said to Dhara that she always pray for everyone but not for herself, and that’s why Gautam prays for Dhara. Vehicle of goons stopped Shiva’s bike. Shiva started shouting at them. A squad of goons surrounds Shiva and Raavi.

Shiva started shouting at goons. Raavi stopped Shiva. A man from goons beats Shiva with a stick at Shiva’s head. Shiva fall down and got unconscious. Raavi started crying.

Episode end.