Pandya Store 2 march 2021 Written Update – Gautam Calms Suman

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara was preparing food in the kitchen and recognizing the admiration she got from her uncle. Children took some utensils from the kitchen and started playing in the hall. Children started playing with water. Dhara asked everyone to stop, but Shiva said they just trying to help her out. Dhara sleeps on water and fell. Shiva called Dhara sister, but Dhara said she is their brother’s wife, not their sister. Suman came there and said she will bring a new wife for Gautam. Children started dancing around Dhara. Gautam arrived too. The children said Dhara is best.

Dhara came to Suman’s room. Dhara asked Suman to keep the money that she gets from the new shop. Suman said Dhara is trying to control her through money. Dhara said they will soon get their Pandya Store free. Suman said she don’t need Dhara’s support, because Gautam will do this. Dhara asked everyone to eat breakfast. Children started laughing while having breakfast. Gautam asked why they are laughing? Shiva said Suman has given 500 rs to a man and decides to marry Gautam with one of the two girls. Suman said children are just jocking. Shiva said it is true, Shiva shows that 500 rs to everyone. Dhara said to Shiva to keep quiet. Suman started doing her mellow drama. Suman said Dhara is separating children from her. Suman left without having breakfast. Prafulla’s husband arrived at Prafula’s room with the mill’s papers. Suman is talking to herself that Dhara will separate children from her. Suman started crying. Gautam said they love her so much. Suman asked Gautam to leave the Dhara and marry someone else. Gautam said how he can leave his wife?

Two-man arrived at Pandya Store and asked for the rent of the new shop. Gautam said Dhara owns this shop so why he will pay the rent? Gautam said he will call the police, then two of them left. Dhara asked Gautam what if they came back? Gautam said he will beat them with the stick. Gautam and Dhara were moving home on the bike.

The next morning children were playing around the new shop. Dhara is running behind the children. Dhara is giving them food. Few women taunted that Dhara is trying to become a mother, which hurts Dhara. Shiva is trying to help Gautam. Dhara said Shiva to stay clean because he has to go to school from Monday. A woman said to Dhara to become a mother. Someone informed Dhara to remove his food cart, otherwise, the municipality will trap the cart or charge them a fine. Dhara and the children trying to hide the cart.