Pandya Store 2 May 2021 Weekly Written Update – Increasing members, increases clashes in family.

When nowadays all families are getting far from each other, Dhara trying to keep her family together and happy. Dhara is an intelligent and responsible woman of her family. As two new members joined Pandya Family. Shiva married to Raavi and Dev married to Ishika. Due to this marriage, the whole family suffered a lot.

Suman, the mother of Gautam, sent the whole family on a trip so that the whole family gets a dose of happiness and joy together. The main aim of the trip was Kuldevta’s worship so that the whole family lives together with peace and happiness.

All four brothers with their respective wives started their trip to their old haweli in the bus. Dhara and Gautam trying to entertain them and initiated a game. But because of Ishika’s drama and misbehave, both Dev and Shiva started an argument. Gautam and Dhara interrupted and asked both of them to stay together and ended up their argument.

The whole family stopped at a random place and sat for dinner. Everyone was enjoying the food prepared by Dhara. On the other hand Ishika demands to eat restaurant’s food. Later Ishika suffers from Food poisoning due to that junk food. Dhara and the whole family handled Ishika and then they together happily reached at their destination, the old haweli.

After reaching at haweli, Ishika and Dev shares some romantic moment. While on the other hand, Raavi and Shiva get into an argument just because of almirah, anyhow Dhara solved the argument. Later Ishika got angry at Dhara for giving a nice room to Raavi and Shiva.

As Dhara and Gautam married 10 years ago at the same place with each other, so they started recognizing everything again and get romantic with each other. Later they all joined for Kuldevta’s pooja. In pooja, both the couples Shiva with Raavi, and Dev with Ishika pledged to stay with each other in every situation of life.

After the pooja, both Ishika and Raavi have to complete a kitchen ceremony in which they together have to prepare food for the whole family. But Ishika ignored these and decided to prepare food only for her husband Dev. Raavi prepared delicious food for everyone. Ishika’s decision hurts everyone.

Gautam liked the food prepared by Raavi and he feeds everyone with his hands except Ishika, because Ishika didn’t liked these. Ishika’s behavior hurts everyone again. Dev apologizes to Gautam Ishika’s mistakes. Gautam asked Dev to adjust with Ishika and ignore her mistakes. Later Gautam planned a bonfire night for whole family.

Gautam and Dhara always maturely behave with everyone and try to handle the situation.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show ‘Pandya Stores’.

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