Pandya Store 21 June 2022 written update: Shiva tries to escape

At the beginning of the episode, Rishita tells everyone that Raavi transferred all money to Gautam’s account. Raavi came back home. Dhara scolds her for going without informing anyone. Gautam ask why she transferred all the money. Raavi says Shiva would have also done this. Gautam talks with Rakhi about what her parents were talking about. Rakhi said they were talking about her marriage. Shiva was trying to say something but Rakhi misunderstood that he likes her. Prafula came with the police and blamed Pandya’s kidnapped Raavi. Raavi was present there only so the police scold Praffula for wasting their time. Raavi apologies on her behalf of her.

Raavi was missing Shiva and wonder how he is surviving without her. Shiva was trying to walk with the help of Surbhi. After she went out Rakhi thank Shiva for marrying Surbhi. Shiva tells her that he is already married. Rakhi says no problem they have assumed he is dead. Shiva thought he need to go back home everyone would be worried for him. Shiva was typing to escape in the middle of the night. Surbhi wakes and ask what he wants. Shiva said he was taking water. Surbhi brings water for him.

Pandya’s were preparing for puja. Krish tell everyone that Raavi is too strong. Dhara cries how she will bring Shiva for her. Raavi says not to worry he will come back soon. Gautam brings Shiva’s photo to put it in the store. Shiva escaped from there. Surbhi was crying. Rakhi tells her husband to go and find him. Raavi tells Gautam we can’t put this photo as he is alive. They decided to put a family photo in the store. Shiva saw a man and took his phone. He called Gautam. Village people came searching for Shiva. Shiva was trying to escape but he was not in a condition to go far. They finally surrounded him.

Upcoming – Raavi cuts the ribbon on the new house. Shiva was marrying Surbhi forcefully.

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