Pandya Store 22 June 2022 written update: Shiva changes his decision

At the beginning of the episode, Shiva was trying to escape but villagers caught him again. Surbhi was crying and asked if Shiva don’t want to marry her. She tells Surbhi that he is not well. They bring Shiva and tied him on a chair. Surbhi’s mom told her to get ready for the engagement. Shiva thought about where he got stuck. Surbhi’s father was looking after the arrangements. Few villagers helped Shiva in getting ready for the engagement. On the other hand, Surbhi was getting ready for her engagement.

Shiva picks a knife and tries to cut the rope. Pandit ji tells them to call the groom. Rakhi went to bring Shiva but he was not there in the room. Shiva came to the main road and saw a truck going to Somnath.

Pandya’s were doing opening ceremony of their shop. Neighborhood people praised Raavi for giving all the money for the shop. Gautam gives the knife to Suman for the ribbon cutting. Shiva reached Somnath. He stepped down from the truck. Suman says Raavi will do the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Gautam says if she will cut the ribbon then Suman will think Shiva is doing it. Shiva saw Kirsh passing by with a family frame. Raavi cuts the ribbon.

Shiva was trying to call Krish but he didn’t hear. Shiva bumped into Scotty and fell down. Pandya’s open the gates of their renovated shop. Dhara tells Raavi to step inside the shop. Dev tells them to wait for Krish. Gautam was missing Shiva. Shiva took help from someone to reach Pandya store. Dhara feels like Shiva is near somewhere. She came out to look for him. Shiva gets happy seeing Dhara. Shiva heard people talking that all the compensation money they invested in the shop. Shiva thought not to go in front of them.

Upcoming- The police came to Pandya’s and tell them that a few people informed Shiva is alive so they have to return the compensation amount. Raavi says she knew he is alive.

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