Pandya Store 26 February 2021 Written Update – Gautam Consoles Dhara

At the beginning of the episode, Suman said if they want her alive, then not to repeat the same whatever happened. Suman gets inside the house with Krish. Everyone moved inside the house. Dhara was sitting alone and crying. Dhara said to herself that if something would have happened to Suman? Gautam finds Dhara crying. Dhara said she was conscious regarding Shiva’s future, that’s why she asked Shiva to study. Dhara said she doesn’t know that Shiva will run and all these will happen. Gautam said Dhara that she is not wrong.

Gautam said at Shiva’s age some children run away from school. Dhara said Suman is right that there is a way to deal with children. Gautam said sometimes bitter medicine is necessary and said Dhara is worried about the children therefore she does so. Gautam said sometimes a mother has to be strict to make her child right. Dhara and Gautam were happy. Dhara goes to the children’s room and told Krish that if something would have happened to him, she will not going to forgive herself for the rest of her life.

Dhara was working in the kitchen and recognizing the moments when Krish tried to help Gautam. Dhara brought a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood to heal the scars at the Gautam’s back. Dhara gave that mixture to Krish and ask Krish to apply it on Gautam’s back. Gautam said Dhara not to worry about him. Krish is applying the mixture. Krish that mixture will make his hands yellow and therefore Krish ran away from there. Now Dhara is applying the mixture. Krish arrived and seen everything. Gautam said to Dhara that he has talked to his friend about Shiva’s admission to the school. Shiva listened to everything and left the room.

Dhara with Shiva goes to the school for admission. The principal agreed to give him admission, but he asked for the actual reasons for Shiva’s removal from his school. Dhara said Shiva does not feel comfortable so he left the school. The principal said there is a red mark on Shiva’s TC. Shiva said he had pushed the teacher and everyone make fun of his brother therefore he became angry. The principal said Shiva will not get admission.