Pandya Store 27 February 2021 Written Update – Anita’s Unthinkable Act

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara giving breakfast to Dev and Krish. Dhara is preparing the tiffin for Dev and Krish. Shiva through marble in Krish’s plate. Dhara changed Krish’s position. Hardik called Dhara and informed her that he has arranged the food cart. Dhara said Hardik not to inform Gautam because she wants to give a surprise to Gautam. Dhara taking Krish and Dev to school. Suddenly Shiva hugged Dhara and apologize to her. Dhara said she is not angry. Shiva said he will go to school. Dhara becomes happy. Suman arrived and started insulting Dhara’s mother and said that Dhara is clever. Dhara said Shiva will get into a good school. Shiva said till he will not get admission, he will help Gautam at the shop. Suman said Dhara is mixing something in children’s food, that’s why they are getting attached to Dhara. Shiva said he is hungry. Dhara offered him food.

Anita arrived at Pandya Store. Anita asked for the Heena, Gautam refused. Anita apologized for whatever she has done. Anita said she don’t know the actuality she only believed in her aunt’s words therefore she broke their marriage. Anita said she loves Gautam, and therefore she is marrying someone else. Dhara asked Suman for permission to go to the shop.

Gautam said Anita’s apology has no sense now. Anita requested Gautam to understand her. Anita said she will be guilty forever if Gautam will understand her. Anita requested Gautam to forgive her. Dhara is taking the food cart to Pandya Store. Anita gives a hug to Gautam. Dhara arrived at Pandya Store. Dhara saw Anita’s lipstick sign-on Gautam’s shirt. Anita said Dhara has changed a lot and said Dhara was a friend of a girl who was going to marry Gautam then she married Gautam. Anita asked Dhara doesn’t miss her friend. Dhara said she cannot forget a girl who insulted her husband and break the marriage at the marriage hall, due to some money issues. Dhara said it is hard to find girls like Anita. Dhara said she will remember her husband’s insult till her last breath. Dhara said she will return her husband’s insult in instalments. Gautam asked Dhara that she is angry? Dhara said they need to inaugurate the food cart and completing few rituals.

Suman is selecting a girl for Gautam. Suman asked that man to show her a girl who can look after her home. A man shows her a beautiful girl and said that Gautam will leave Dhara for her. When Dhara removed the coverings from the food cart’s poster, Gautam becomes happy because Dhara named the food cart’s name with the Suman’s name. Shiva shouted at that man who is showing the girls to Suman. Suman asked Shiva to stay quiet. Suman selected two girls for Gautam’s remarriage. Dhara gives Gautam a towel to cover the lipstick sign-on Gautam’s shirt. Dhara and Gautam doing pooja of the food cart. Suman said to herself that now she can remove Dhara from her home.