Pandya Store 29 April 2021 Written Update – Shiva And Krish Scares Ishika

At the beginning of the episode, Raavi throws water on the bed and make the partition on the bed. Shiva started shouting at Raavu for making the bed wet. Whole bed get wet. Both Raavi and Shiva sleep on the floor. Dev decorated their room, for their first night. Dev and Ishika shares a romantic moment. Ishika said today she felt again the love of Dev. Dev said he still loves her. Shiva and Raavi is quietly sitting together at the couch. Dhara said first time she saw Shiva and Raavi together quietly. Krish make fun of Shiva. Shiva got angry on Krish.

Dhara asked Shiva to get a shower and get ready for Kuldevta’s pooja. Dhara told Shiva, he will sit with the beautiful girl of the Somnath, so he has to get ready properly. Ishika is deciding places and restaurants to visit with Dev. Ishika select a dress for her to wear. Dev ask Ishika to wear a saree, because they are sitting first time at the pooja together. Dhara is arranging everything for pooja. Gautam saw Dhara. Gautam asked Dhara to take break from the Kitchen’s work, because Raavi and Ishika can handle the kitchen. Dhara told Gautam doesn’t want to eat food prepared by Dhara anymore.

Gautam said he always wants Dhara by his side. Gautam apologized to Dhara. Gautam said he always give problems and responsibilities to Dhara in her marital life. Dhara said we have to handle the relationships and responsibilities together. Raavi get ready. Dhara asked Raavi to apply vermilion on her forehead. Raavi said she looks good without vermilion too. Dhara told Raavi always looks cute and beautiful, but vermilion is a sign of married woman. Raavi agreed to apply vermilion. Dhara left from there.

Shiva arrived and started styling his hairs. Raavi asked Shiva to stay away from mirror because she need to get ready and have to apply vermilion in her forehead. Shiva applied vermilion on. Raavi’s forehead. All the three couples sit in the Kuldevta’s pooja. Pandit ji asked both Raavi and Shiva to hold each other’s hand. Dhara asked Shiva to hold Raavi’s hand. Pandit ji asked both the couples to recite the words as it is, whatever he will speak. Raavi told Shiva will never stay with her. Raavi told Shiva ran away when she need him the most. Shiva get angry.

Episode end.