Pandya Store 3 march 2021 Written Update – Gautam, Dhara Get Romantic

At the beginning of the episode, a municipality vehicle has arrived at Gautam’s shop. The government officer asked Gautam that they heard about an illegal shop. Gautam said he is not able to see a shop, does he? The government officer left. Gautam’s uncle asked him to go home. Dhara and the children were celebrating saving the food cart. Prafula and Anita were passing through the Pandya Store. Shiva mocked at Prafula. Dhara said not to fight with her. Anita said Dhara is too arrogant. Prafula said Dhara always hears the taunts from Suman and will never be happy in her life. Shiva again mocked at Prafula. Prafula and Anita left.

Gautam was praying to God to give him enough courage to love Dhara. Dhara was praying to God to keep them together forever. Someone came to Gautam’s home, he makes Suman unconscious with chloroform. Dhara and Gautam are moving towards the home. That person was stealing jewellery from Suman’s almirah and Suman was unconscious. Gautam and Dhara become romantic after eating bhang in the form of Shivratri’s prasad.

Kanta was preparing food in her kitchen. Umesh brought the vegetables to the Suman’s home. A thief stuck with Umesh and jewellery fell. Kanta wakes up Suman. Suman asked for her jewellery. Kanta gives her all jewellery she gets from the thief. Kanta asked Suman to handover the responsibility of jewellery to Dhara because anybody can steal anything from her room. Suman got angry and asked Kanta not to tell Gautam about this incident. Dhara and Gautam were dancing. Children were enjoying at Hardik’s home. Dhara and Gautam were sharing a romantic moment. Gautam and Dhara were about to kiss each other but suddenly the balloon seller asked for the money, both of them stopped and started laughing.

Gautam and Dhara arrived at home, both of them were laughing due to bhang’s hangover. Dhara and Gautam moving towards their room. Dhara and Gautam were romantic and enjoying with each other. Dhara and Gautam were decorating the room with candles and making love to each other. Gautam asked Dhara that how their first date was perfect or not? Dhara said she doesn’t know because it was her first date. Gautam said it’s his first date too.