Pandya Store 3 May 2021 Written Update – Gautam Planned Bonfire Night

At the beginning of the episode, Raavi is complaining about Shiva to Dhara. Raavi told Shiva doesn’t stay neat and clean. Raavi said she can’t live with a messy person like Shiva. Dhara said to herself if she will listen her every time, then Raavi will continue to complain about Shiva. Dhara said she will not listen to her anymore and asked Raavi to handle Shiva. Dhara informed Raavi that Gautam planned a bonfire night for everyone and give the responsibility of food to her. Dhara left from there. Dhara informed Ishika that Gautam arranged a bonfire night for everyone. Ishika said they all brothers will fights with each other. Dhara got angry and said Ishika’s father is a leader of goons. Ishika asked Dhara to forget about the past. Ishika complaint about Krish and asked Dhara to teach some manners to Krish.

Krish is singing a song and dancing alone. Krish saw that girl again and started following her. Again that girl got vanished and started regretting about his fortune. Shiva heard everything and asked Krish what happened? Krish ran away. Dhara asked what Krish has done? Ishika said Krish entered inside the room without any permission. Shiva and Krish arrived. Dhara said to Shiva and Krish that they need to take permissions to enter inside a room. Dhara shouts at everyone and asked everyone to get ready on time.

Dhara said she has selected clothes for Shiva and asked him to wear the same. Dhara asked Shiva to take care of his dressing sense and style. Dhara left from there. Krish and Shiva started talking about ghosts. Shiva said he saw a ghost last night. Ishika heard Krish and Shiva’s conversation and get afraid. Ishika asked about ghosts. Shiva said these ghost is a villager and will not hurt Ishika because she is a foreign return. Shiva asked Ishika to ignore their conversation and ask her to feed pizza to Dev. Shiva asked Krish to stay away from the stairs. Ishika got afraid after hearing all these.

Ishika started following Shiva and Krish. Shiva is trying outfits selected by Dhara. Suddenly Raavi arrived and started laughing at Shiva. Shiva and Raavi get into an argument. Shiva and Raavi started mocking at eachother’s appearance. Shiva throws Raavi out of the room and locked the door. Krish is thinking about that girl. Shiva saw a room locked and started shouting that everybody should stay away from that room, just to threaten Ishika.

Episode end.