Pandya Store 30 April 2021 Written Update – Ishika get’s Afraid

At the beginning of the episode, Raavi started shouting at Shiva for leaving her alone in front of goons. Shiva got angry and left the pooja spot. Gautam tried to get Shiva back. Dhara stopped Gautam and said let them handle their own problems. Dev too tried to handle Shiva, Ishika stopped Dev. Ishika said it’s a problem between Shiva and Raavi, and let them handle their own problems. Dhara said they came here for Kuldevta’s pooja and if they will not complete pooja then it will be disrespect of Kuldevta. Raavi explained everything to Shiva and asked him to join pooja again for their family.

Both the couples recite Pandit Ji’s words. Pooja get completed. Gautam asked Ishika and Raavi to prepare their first food for family. Ishika said she wants to enjoy the surroundings. Dev asked Ishika to get back to the haweli for Rasoi’s ritual. Ishika get sad. Ishila said to herself that this family is mad and will not allow her to enjoy with Dev. Ishika got angry. Dhara arrived and asked Ishika to prepare food for everyone. Ishika said she can prepare food for her and Dev. Ishika said everyone should prepare their own food. Ishika left from there. Ishika asked the guard to get groceries for her from the market. Dhara is helping Shiva and Raavi to make prepare the food for the family.

Raavi is not able to burn the wood, Shiva helped Raavi. Raavi and Shiva started fighting with each other. Shiva said he doesn’t want to eat food prepared by Raavi. Gautam enquired about Dev and Ishika from Dhara. Dhara said they will arrive soon. Raavi too enquired about Ishika. Dhara said Ishika will come soon. Ishika prepared pizza for Dev. Dev said his family eats together. Ishika said she prepared pizza for Dev and her only. Dev told Ishika should prepare food for everyone. Ishika said she can’t prepare food for everyone because she is not a maid. Raavi prepared food. Dhara asked Shiva to eat the food.

Krish admired food prepared by Raavi. Gautam ordered Shiva to eat the food. Gautam again enquired about Dev and Ishika. Krish went to call Dev and Ishika. Ishika is crying in the room. Ishika said Dev only cares about his family. Ishika told Dev never to respect her efforts and love. Dev told Ishika to think about everyone. Ishika and Dev is eating pizza together. Krish arrived suddenly. Ishika started shouting at Krish. Krish gets back and informed Dev is sleeping. Ishika arrived and informed that Dev has completed his food. Suddenly Dev too arrived.

Episode end.