Pandya Store 4 May 2021 Written Update – Ishika Become Restless

At the beginning of the episode, Raavi and Pallavi preparing food for the family. Dev asked Ishika to join Raavi for preparing food. Dev said Ishika is good at marination. Ishika said she can’t do marination today, because these can disturb her makeup look. Gautam told Ishika will help him to set bonfire. Shiva and Raavi wears black outfits. Raavi get shocked after watching Shiva in black outfits. Dhara admired Shiva for his appearance. Dhara asked Shiva and Raavi to stand together. Dhara said they both looks better together. Raavi put too garlic in the food.

Shiva did not like too much garlic, therefore Dhara asked Raavi to put some other spices for taste in the food. Raavi and Shiva started fighting on that. Dhara and Dev started mocking at Shiva for his anger. Dev and Shiva too started fighting with each other. Dev bring the music system and asked everyone to dance and enjoy the night.

Gautam gave a single stick to Dev and asked him to break it down and put in the fire. Dev did the same. Gautam gave many sticks together to Raavi and asked her to did the same. Raavi is unable to break the bunch of woods. Gautam asked Raavi to give that bunch to Ishika. Ishika also unable to do. Gautam said one cannot break the bunch easily. Gautam said if they stay together then no one will able to hurt them, but if they stay individual or alone, they will get easily break. Ishika said Gautam is explaining these to her because she has eaten food with Dev at room. Gautam said he have no problem with their eating, but they are a joint family. Gautam said if everyone will eat their food alone and individually in the room then their will be no meaning of their family being together. Gautam asked Ishika to support her family. Gautam said Ishika get married to Dev just because of sacrifice and adjustments of Shiva and Raavi.

Everyone again started enjoying the night. Whole family enjoyed the music and started dancing with each other. Gautam and Dhara is too happy. Dhara said she is happy after watching jer family together and happy. Gautam said everything will be fine soon. Dhara said she loves whole family too much. Gautam said his brothers are still child. Gautam told they will have to handle everyone.

Episode end.