Pandya Store 5 March 2021 Written Update – Dhara’s Big Decision

At the beginning of the episode, Eunuchs arrived at Suman’s home and asked Suman for money. They said Suman will be a grandmother soon. Everyone arrived at Suman’s home. Kanta arrived and congratulates her. Suman becomes angry that why Dhara had not informed her about her pregnancy. Eunuchs started dancing and celebrating. Gautam arrived at home, one of the Eunuchs asked Gautam for money, Gautam asked them to leave today.

Dhara came to Suman’s room. Dhara said she is not pregnant she had some problems therefore she had gone to the doctor. Suman forgives Dhara. Suman asked Dhara to prepare the dinner. Gautam asked Dhara about all these, Dhara said she had gone to doctors for contraceptive pills. Gautam asked Dhara doesn’t she need a baby, Dhara said every woman in this world need a baby but she already had three children, so she doesn’t want a child now. Dhara said when these three become mature, then they will have a child. Gautam shows gratitude for supporting him and his family. Dhara said Gautam that she will support him in every situation of his life. Children started dancing with Dhara and Gautam. Gautam, Dhara, and children shared a happy moment. Dhara dance with Shiva and Dev. Gautam was looking at Dhara with love in his eyes.

The story moves after 10 years. Pandya family celebrated at Pandya Store. Gautam and Dhara dance at beats with their few relatives. Gautam said Dhara that they had done and gain full ownership at the Pandya Store. Gautam inaugurated Pandya Store again with Dhara. Everyone was happy. Children have grown up now. Dhara was shouting at the children to wake up. Dhara threw a bucket full of water at the children.

Shiva wakes up and said thanks to Dhara for showering him. Dhara asked Shiva to bathe properly for celebration. Shiva said today he has to work in the shop, so he will bathe before the celebration. Dhara asked Shiva to bathe before going to shop. Dhara wakes Krish up. Krish said he has to go to the party of his friend’s celebration so he will be late today and Krish left. Dev’s phone was ringing, when Dhara checked it is R’s call. When Dhara asked who is this R, Dev woke up and took his phone.