Pandya Store 5 May 2021 Written Update – Ishika Saw A Ghost

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara and Gautam is talking about the peace of the family. Dhara decided to do a pooja of mahamrityunjay mantra for family’s peace and happiness. Gautam said they will have to stay 15 days more in the haweli. Dhara called Suman. Suman started shouting at Dhara for not talking to her from many days. Dhara asked for permission to stay 15 days more in the haweli. Suman get happy after hearing about the mahamrityunjay pooja. Suman permitted Dhara for staying 15 days more in the haweli.

Suman talk to Gautam and asked him to take care of whole family. Gautam and Dhara decided to take care of everyone. Gautam said to Dhara that Krish should respect Raavi and Ishika too. Dhara said she believes on Krish, and said he loves and respects Raavi and Ishika too. Krish is getting ready. Krish took the appearance of a girl, with the help of makeup and wig. Krish took a selfie of himself. Krish wear a white saree to scare Ishika. Ishika is already afraid from the ghost. Ishika closed every window of her room.

Dev asked why Ishika closed the window? Ishika said she listened from Shiva and Krish about ghosts. Dev said they were just trying to scare her. Anita said she wants to go to the haweli, because no one talks with her properly. Prafula said she can talk to her every time. Prafula said when Anita will go out of the town, then Hardik will get excited to meet Anita. Raavi entered in her room. Raavi and Shiva started fighting with each other for their appearances. Shiva took Raavi to the bathroom and shows her that she has some turmeric on her hairs. Krish arrived to the Shiva’s room.

Dev asked Ishika to stop thinking about ghost and all. Gautam said he is hungry and ask Dhara to prepare something for him. Raavi is waiting for Shiva. Shiva entered inside the room to take a candle, but Raavi pretended as she is in sleep. Shiva left the room and Raavi followed him. Dhara prepared maggie for Gautam. Dhara saw Shiva. Shiva said he is hungry. Shiva decided to move Dhara and Gautam to their room. Dhara and Gautam started making fun of Shiva. Ishika is getting restless and can’t able to sleep. Ishika saw a woman with a candle and get scared from that. Krish started shouting Ishika’s name in a terrific voice.

Episode end.