Pandya Store 6 April 2021 Written Update – Dhara Pleads with Shiva

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara asked Raavi to stop and said some solutions will definitely come out. Prafula said Dhara has taken revenge. Jagat said Anita and Raavi’s life get destroyed and now they will left with no option other then suicide. Raavi said she loves Dev but Dev didn’t love Raavi. Gautam requested Jagat to wait and stay for some time. Jagat explained to Prafula and ask her to stay for some time. Dhara started crying and said she needs to do something before Raavi will do something.

Suman asked everyone to through Dhara out of the house and crying. Suman said to Gautam to through his wife. Gautam said Dhara is not responsible for anything. Gautam said Dev had not cleared everything and these misunderstandings make this problem. Gautam said Dev didn’t tell Dhara about Ishika. Suman said Dhara had knew everything and hides everything. Gautam said he asked her to stay silent and not to tell anything to Suman. Gautam explained everything to Suman. Suman tried not to understand anything.

Suman started shouting at Dhara and said she had destroyed his family and life. Gautam asked Suman to stop but Suman shouts to Gautam to mind his language and ask him to stay silent. Dhara told to Shiva that she want something from him. Dhara said she need something and pleads in front of Shiva. Shiva ask Dhara to give an order to him. Dhara asked Shiva to accept Raavi and get married to her. Everyone get shocked. Dhara said its Raavi’s dream to get connected with the Pandya family and pleads Shiva to save Raavi from her death. Dhara said just to save Raavi’s life she is taking Shiva’s life. Dhara was crying. Shiva said his life belongs to Dhara and ask her to give only order. Shiva said yes to marry Raavi. Dhara came to Prafula to inform everything. Raavi was crying. Dhara said to Raavi that does she will marry Shiva? Ishika asked Dev to marry because no one is there. Dev asked Ishika to stay quiet because everyone is facing a big problem.

Raavi gave scissors to Dhara and ask her to cut the Dev’s name from her heart. Prafula said she will not allow Raavi to marry Shiva, but Jagat interrupt and said Dhara is right. Prafula said Shiva is not capable of having a wife like Raavi. Jagat asked Raavi to marry Shiva.