Pandya Store 6 March 2021 Written Update – Dhara’s Day Full of Surprises

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara gets a gift for Gautam for their wedding anniversary. Dhara said to herself that no one from the boys remembers their anniversary but Gautam will remember that. Dhara arrived at the room where Gautam is getting ready. Dhara said she had taken a gift for him. Gautam said he had to rush for the shop. Dhara said to Gautam to open the gift now. Gautam said he cannot do the same now. Gautam asked Dhara to attach his shirt’s button, but Dhara got angry and said him to attach the button by himself and left. Prafula arrived in front of the Pandya Store. Shiva through hot water at the Prafula’s feet. Prafula was hiding her hands in which she wore Suman’s bracelets. Shiva holds Prafula’s hand and tried to remove the bracelets. Prafula asked Shiva to leave her hands. Shiva said he will take his mother’s bracelets back. Prafula said she had lost everything, only these bracelets are left with her, so asked Shiva to left them.

Dhara said to herself that she had prepared a dessert for Gautam and his brothers but none of them ate that with love. Hardik arrived for decorating the home, but Dhara asked him to leave without decorating the house. Suman gives a present to Dhara. Suman gave Dhara a saree. Dhara becomes happy and emotional. Suman asked Dhara to open the gift in front of her. Dhara started crying. Suman requested Dhara not to cry and enjoy. Suman asked Dhara to bring extra sugar with dessert. Dhara said dessert is already sweet. Suman said Dhara is not too good for her. Suman enjoyed the dessert but she didn’t admire her efforts. Suman asked Dhara to bring water. Suman eats very rapidly. Hardik called Dhara. Dhara thought he will wish her for the wedding anniversary, but Hardik said he wants Dhara to come to their house. Dhara refused to go to Hardik’s home, but Suman asked Dhara to go there.

Prafula was doing arrangements for the guests. Prafula asked Anita to get dressed up because today is a special day. Anita said she know what a special day is. Prafula said a special guest is arriving today. Bell rang. Prafula introduced Anita to that guest. Sudarshan said his third is going to America so before he will depart, he wants to marry someone. When Anita get to know, she shouted at Sudarshan and removed him from their home. Prafula said she wanted Anita to get married. Anita said she don’t want to marry. Prafula said Anita does not want to marry and on the other hand Raavi is expecting her enemies’ son her dream boy.

Prafula encountered Dhara in the market. Prafula wished Dhara for destroying Anita’s life, Dhara said Anita herself destroyed her life and therefore they are still facing struggles and problems. Prafula asked Dhara whether they are invited by Kanta or not. Dhara refused, Prafula said they are not invited because of her. Prafula said Kanta cannot invite a lady who is not getting pregnant after 10 years of her marriage. Dhara left from there and reached Pandya Store. Dhara found that doors were closed. Dhara knocked out the door, suddenly the door opens and Dhara saw that Pandya Store is decorated.