Pandya Store 6 May 2021 Written Update – Krish’s Plan Got Failed

At the beginning of the episode, Krish opened Ishika’s room’s door and stands in front of the door with a candle in his hand. Ishika started walking Dev up, but Dev is in asleep. Krish shouted Ishika’s name in a terrific voice. Ishika shouted too loudly. Dev wakes up. Ishika started crying. Everyone listened to Ishika’s voice. Dev trying to explain Ishika that there is no one around. Dhara, Shiva arrived at the hall. Krish is running to his room with saree and wig in his hands. Ishika trying to explain to everyone that there was a ghost. Ishika said Shiva told her about ghosts.

Ishika asked Shiva to tell everyone about ghost. Shiva said he was just scaring Krish. Krish is running towards his room and collide with Raavi. Raavi saw a bindi on the forehead of Krish and asked him what he is doing at the midnight? Krish said he was doing pooja. Krish asked who has shouted few minutes back? Raavi said it was Ishika. Krish asked Raavi to go to meet Ishika and take care of her. Dev left from their. Dhara and Gautam said it was just Ishika’s bad dream and nothing else. Everyone get back to their room.

Shiva and Raavi collide with each other. Shiva and Raavi started fighting with each other. Shiva informed that Ishika saw a ghost. Raavi too get scared. Shiva started laughing at Raavi. Raavi get happy after watching Shiva laughing. Raavi said Shiva looks nice while laughing. Krish get inside his room. Krish decides to hide the clothes in the almirah. Krish again saw that girl in the garden. Raavi closed the curtains. Shiva said she is getting afraid from ghost. Shiva shouted there is a lizard. Raavi get frightened again. Shiva and Raavi go to sleep, after a small fight.

The next morning, Prafula is loading her luggage in the car. Anita arrived with Suman. Prafula get shocked. Suman said she too will go to the haweli with her. Anita and Prafula helped Suman to get inside the car. Prafula asked why Anita didn’t inform her about Suman? Suman asked why Prafula didn’t inform her that she is going to haweli? Ishika packing their luggage. Ishika said she will not stay in the haweli. Dev trying to stop Ishika. Dev said he will take care of her, all the time. Ishika said if Dev is sure about her safety, then she can stay in the haweli.

Episode end.