Pandya Store 7 May 2021 Written Update – Ishika Shouted At Raavi

At the beginning of the episode, Raavi and Shiva is sleeping on the same bed. Shiva asked Raavi to get her face washed. Ishika said she get scared from the ghost. Dev said he will take care of Ishika every time. Dev and Ishika hugged each other. Gautam called Dev and asked him to go to the market. Dev informed Ishika that Suman is too arriving at the haweli. Suman asked Prafula to give her something to eat. Suman asked Prafula to give a massage to her legs. Prafula get awkward but started giving massage to Suman’s legs. Krish and Shiva was cutting woods.

Krish informed Shiva that if Dhara and Gautam will get to know about the reality of ghost, then they will beat Krish. Shiva asked Krish not to reveal anything to anyone. Krish said he doesn’t want to continue these plan. Shiva said Krish can’t step back from these. Shiva said Ishika need to understand that they love each other and cares for each other. Dev and Ishika visit the whole haweli. Dev said to Ishika that there is no ghost in the haweli. Dev goes to market. Suman asked driver to stop the car to a good restaurant, because she is hungry.

Krish saw that girl again and started following her. Ishika asked Dev to kiss her in the hall. Dev said he can’t kiss her because anyone can see them. Ishika said she is his wife so he can kiss her anywhere. Ishika started her mellow drama and said Dev doesn’t love her. Raavi and Dhara is preparing food for the family. Dhara asked Raavi why she is looking sad? Raavi said she is missing her home a lot. Dhara said it will take 15 days more to complete the pooja, and the whole family need to stay 15 days more in the haweli. Raavi cuts her finger with the knife.

Raavi is going to apply a bandage at her cut. Shiva is cutting woods. Shiva saw Raavi. Shiva washed Raavi’s blood from her fingers. Shiva tried to tie the handkerchief on Raavi’s finger. Raavi said she can take care of herself. Suman and Prafula stopped at a restaurant for having lunch. Anita asked Suman what she wanted to eat. Anita ordered food and dessert. Suman asked Prafula not to eat anything from ordered food. Anita and Suman started eating together. Dev come close to Ishika to give her a kiss. Suddenly Raavi arrived and Ishika Insulted Raavi.

Episode end.