Pandya Store 8 March 2021 Written Update – A Surprise for Dhara

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara finds that home is decorated very nicely. Dhara got surprised when all their brother and Suman wished her the anniversary. Dhara got emotional after this moment. Gautam arrived there, he brought a ring for Dhara. Gautam put that ring in Dhara’s finger. Gautam asked Dhara to promise him to spend the whole life with love and affection, Dhara agreed to it. Dhara and Gautam started doing a couple dance. Gautam apologized for exhausting her mood in the morning. Gautam said his brothers want to surprise her that’s why he didn’t wish her in the morning. Dev, Shiva, and Krish started dancing with Dhara. Everyone started enjoying the moment. Dhara and Gautam cut the cake.

Dhara offered the cake to Suman. The celebration is over very nicely. Suman asked Dhara to clean everything, but Gautam’s brothers said they will do this cleaning today. Gautam asked Dhara to come into the bedroom. Dhara said she will come soon. Dhara was watching all three boys cleaning and getting happy. Suddenly electric wire got fallen on Dhara. Dhara got shocked. Dhara becomes unconscious. Everyone is trying to wake up Dhara. Gautam started crying. When Gautam’s tears fell on Dhara’s face, she opened her eyes. Everyone got relaxed. Shiva said if something would have happened to Dhara, no one will able to live properly. Dhara said nothing will happen to her.

Shiva made tea for Dhara. Dev was massaging Dhara’s legs. Gautam started massaging Suman’s legs. Kanta arrived at Gautam’s home, for inviting everyone to her family’s program. Suman said Dhara will not go to that program, because everyone will laugh at her. Gautam said they do not need to fear because they are right. Gautam said that he will see off Suman. Suman was going. Suman said to Dhara not to leave the house. The next day, Gautam asked Dhara to get ready for the program. Dhara said Suman had asked not to go to the program. Gautam said Suman wants her to go to the program. Dhara wakes up all boys and asked them to go to the program. Raavi was getting ready.

Prafula was selecting a saree for herself. Prafula asked why Anita is sad? Anita said there is no possibility of her marrying. Raavi said she is so excited about attending the program at Kanta’s home. Prafula asked Anita to learn something from Raavi, and said she is taking Anita to the program for getting her married. Raavi said to Anita to wait for her perfect one. Prafula said Raavi is speaking correctly. Prafula asked why Raavi is so excitedaboutr going to the program, Raavi said she is going to see Dev at the program. Prafula asked Raavi not to think about Dev and her marriage because Suman will not allow that.