Pandya Store 8 May 2021 Written Update – Shiva Scared Ishika Again

At the beginning of the episode, Dev is trying to kiss Ishika. Suddenly Raavi arrived and Dev stopped. Dev apologized to Raavi. Ishika started shouting and said Raavi always disturb their romantic moment. Raavi started crying. Ishika said Raavi have no love and romance in her life, that’s why she always spoil their lovely moment. Dev asked Ishika to keep quiet. Raavi is going towards her room. Dhara stopped Raavi. Dhara started shouting at Ishika and said she can’t talk to Raavi like this. Dhara said Ishika have to respect everyone in the family. Ishika said Raavi always fights with Shiva.

Dhara said Raavi is so innocent. Dhara said even Raavi fights with Shiva, but she will always stand with Shiva. Dhara said Ishika is kissing in the hall and she should apologize for that. Ishika said whatever she has done, she will not apologize for that. Dhara explains to Ishika that they live in a family and they have to take care of everyone. Dhara said Ishika has to think twice before saying anything to anyone. Dev said sorry to Dhara. Dev said he will not repeat the same thing again. Ishika shouted at Dev too and asked him not to apologize to anyone.

The vehicle got a breakdown, in which Prafula, Suman, and Anita is traveling to Haweli. Dev asked Ishika to stay quiet and not to speak a single word. Dev said Ishika have to follow and listen to Dhara because Dhara is like a mother for him. Everyone left from there. Krish is listening to a sad song. Gautam asked Krish what happened? Krish got emotional and hug Gautam. Prafula, Anita, and Suman is waiting for car to get repaired. Suman is sleeping on her wheelchair. Prafula is hungry and asked Anita to give food to her. Anita found lunch box is empty.

Prafula started shouting at Anita for eating everything. Suman said she has eaten everything. Suman asked the driver how much time he will take to repair the vehicle. The driver said he will take some more time. Shiva said Krish is missing Suman. Krish said he is not missing Suman, but she is getting emotional. Shiva takes Krish to away from Gautam. Dev is thinking about everything. Dhara arrived and asked Dev to apologize to Ishika. Dev said Ishika should respect Dhara. Dhara trying to explain Dev that Ishika will take time to understand Dhara. Dev said due to his marriage to Ishika, their whole family get disturbed.

Episode end.