Pandya Store 9 March 2021 Written Update – Prafula Humiliates Dhara

At the beginning of the episode, Dhara was getting ready with Gautam. Gautam asked why Dhara is doing to hurry to get ready. Dhara said she had bet with Gautam’s brothers to get ready before them. Gautam sits down to arrange the plates of Dhara’s sarees, but suddenly Dev arrived and asked what Gautam is doing down there? Gautam said he his towing his shoes lays. Dev said Gautam had no lays in his shoes. Gautam said rats had taken her shoes lays and he is finding that rat. Dev said Gautam to continue his searching. Dhara started laughing and said children are grown-up now Gautam cannot lie to them now. Prafula asked Raavi not to go to the program and said Raavi and Dev’s marriage is impossible. Prafula locked Raavi in the room. Dev’s phone was ringing, till Dhara will pick that Dev picked the phone.

Dhara helped Gautam to wear the jacket. Dev asked Gautam to go to the program. Raavi was trying to left the room in her modern ways. Raavi was trying to escape from the room through the window. Raavi jumped out of the window and said Dev your Raavi is coming soon. Raavi is finding the auto. Shiva departed from the shop to go to the program. Shiva fell because Raavi comes in front of his bike. Man with red chillies spread his chillies over the Raavi and Shiva. Raavi asked Shiva to drop her at the program because there is no auto nearby. Shiva refused to drop Raavi. Raavi started crying and his legs are injured so she cannot walk to the program and therefore everyone asked Shiva to drop Raavi’s at the program. Finally, Shiva agreed to carry Raavi to the program.

Kanta was looking towards the gate continuously. Prafula asked why she is starring towards the gate? Kanta asked why Anita is not married till now? Gautam with Dhara arrived at the program. Kanta asked Prafula to marry Anita with Hardik which will cost Prafula too little Prafula said to Kanta to keep Dhara’s statue to worship. Kanta said there is no need for er to worship because Gautam’s brothers worship Dhara as a god. Raavi and Shiva going to the program. Raavi sprays perfume on the Shiva because he was smelling too bad. Shiva dropped Raavi in the middle of the way and said she will not marry Dev anyhow. Dhara and Gautam started dancing at the program and suddenly Raavi also joined the event.

Everyone is enjoying the event. Shiva got a call from the shop. Shiva asked Dhara to leave the event. Dhara insisted him to have dinner. Prafula said Dhara had controlled the Pandya family but what will happen when Gautam’s brothers got married? Some traditional practices started, Kanta asked Dhara to join. Prafula said she is completing a pregnancy ceremony through a woman who cannot be pregnant.