Pandya Store written update 15 May 2022 weekly

Last week, Rishita blamed Shiva for cheating in the game. She asks Dhara what she will say on this as she is being very honest. Dhara tells Rishita she is crossing the limit. Rishta says don’t change the topic as this is the truth. Suddenly the judge came there and say this is the half-truth. He thanked Shiva for inviting him or else his hard work would have been wasted. Kanta thought now she has to hide her face or else he will expose her. She was trying to escape from there but the judge spotted her and acknowledge everyone that she came to his office for an interview. Janardhan tries to defend her.

Dhara was praying to god so that everything gets fixed. Dev came home with the permission letter. Dhara happily hugged him Gautam and Shiva came back home. Dhara acknowledged that Dev got permission for the second-story building. Gautam praised Dev. Shiva rudely say he did a good job. Dhara gave Dhokla to Rishita. Shiva was not talking to Dev. Rishta eats Dhokla with love. Dev said Dhara has sent this. After listening to this she stopped. Dev was telling Rishta that we can go back home. Rishita said she doesn’t believe anyone.

Dev ask Gautam to sit on the boss chair but he said it’s his chair how he can sit. Kanta plans puja for Rishita’s upcoming baby. Dev thought of inviting everyone. Later Rishita and Dev went to Pandya house. Rishita seeks blessings from Suman for her baby. Dev invited them for Puja. Dhara say they will definitely come. Then they all sit together and have dinner happily. They cracks few joke’s and remember past memories. Suman was happy to see all together. Kanta was planning something mysterious against Pandya family.

Raavi was doing preparations for the Puja. Suman asked her to do it slowly. She was monitoring if everything is there or not. Dhara came with a necklace and asked Suman how’s it as she is thinking to give this to Rishita. Gautam asked when she purchased this. Dhara told him that this is my mother’s necklace. Suman asks if she will give her mother’s necklace to Rishita. Dhara says we are one family anyone wears. Rishita says it’s very beautiful. Suman says fine she will make one for her. Rishita says she is just saying casually.

The puja starts. Suman asked the priest to use that sweet that they brought. All were praying. Kanta secretly muxed something into the sweets. Dhara spotted her doing something and asked why she is removing the lid. Kanta lied that she was covering it. Dhara says she already covered it. Dhara gives a gift to Rishita and asks her to keep it. Rishita gets happy. She gives gifts to Dev also. Damini asks her not to open it and ask her to open it later. Everyone is praying while Damini tries to take the necklace but Raavi stops her. Everyone is praying when damini takes the necklace

Everyone sees that the necklace is missing. Dhara gets tensed. She tries to find out the necklace. Rishita asks them to stop. She Shouts at Dhara. Dhara says that she brings her necklace for him. Dhara start crying and said that this is her Mother’s last thing. Dhara start crying and said that she always think that they should live together. Dev asks Dhara to stop and said that she ruins everything. Shiva comes to find Gautam. Shiva asks Gautam if he drinks something. He asks her to drink water. Dhara says where is her family who lives together. Dhara Cries. Janardhan asks Gautam that why he is not standing. He asks him to do it outside. Shiva takes him from there. Dhara says that if she brings her necklace here and wants to see the CCTV fottage.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Pandya Store”.

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