Pandya Store written update 22 July 2021 Dev and Shiva decided to build room by themselves

At the beginning of the episode, Dev borrowed money from his friend and ordered the construction material to build room for Dhara. Material arrived at the Pandya residence. Everyone becomes happy, but Rishita created a scene and asked Dev to build bathroom in her room first. Dev refused to Rishita. Later Rishita and Dev fights with each other. Dev asked Rishita to respect Dhara. On the other hand Shiva asked Anita to go back to her home. Anita shouted at Shiva for calling Raavi as ‘chipkali’.

Later Dev and Shiva sit beside Dhara’s bed while she was sleeping. Dhara wake up and asked what happened? Shiva and Dev took Dhara in the temple of the house and they both sits near to Dhara’s legs. Shiva and Dev shows gratitude towards Dhara for handling their house so nicely. Gautam saw everything and become happy. Later Raavi was going to fill the bottles, suddenly Shiva arrived and then they both get collided and then Shiva shouted at Raavi and said they need to stay away from each other.

On the other hand a vessel exchanger arrived at Prafula’s home, who give vessels in exchange of old clothes. Prafula give old clothes, but that woman told Prafula that her clothes are too old and offered two spoons only. Anita arrived at home and informed Prafula that Dev and Shiva building a new room for Dhara. On the other hand Gautam shouted at Dev and Shiva because workers didn’t arrived. Dev, Shiva and Krish touch Dhara’s feet and informed her that they build the room by himself.


Shiva said they will build room with their hard work and emotions. Everyone becomes happy and admired their thoughts. On the other hand Anita shows her pain to Prafula and said no one care for her but Gautam’s brother worship Dhara as goddess. Prafula said she is trying to catch a train which is out of her station and leaves from there. Shiva, Krish and Dev was carrying building materials to the terrace. Dhara asked Suman to go inside the room. Suman shouted at Dhara and said she will saw her children working and said she is strong enough. Shiva, Krish and Dev was working at the terrace. Raavi bring tea for everyone. Gautam observed that soon there will be rain and told Dev that they decided to build a room in wrong weather. On the other hand Suman started coughing because of sand and cement.

Upcoming Story: By mistake, Krish pushed the bricks through his legs while Suman is sitting on the hall.