Prajwal Gupta: More than praying to God, having godliness in a mind makes you a better human being, takes you closer to almighty

Spirituality to Prajwal Gupta is forming a strong connection with the sacredness of the universe that lies within and without us all. It means finding a relationship or form an unity with the superior power and with Nature. The writer is a spiritual person and believes life is a beautiful gift to us, so it’s our duty to make it fulfilling, meaningful.

“I believe in the energy, there are both positive and negative energies. For them to be in equilibrium, it’s the unknown supreme power who makes sure they are in that state is the one we call God. More than praying to God, having godliness in a mind makes you a better human being and takes you closer to the almighty,” he says.

Gupta went through many incidents in his life that made him spiritual. “I love travelling, no matter what I am doing I take out time for my vacations. Once I went to see a waterfall with my friends, the banks were slippery, it was a matter of seconds, I was about to fall but somehow, I really don’t know how that happened, I caught hold of the fences nearby. And I was saved. Spirituality also involves intuitive thoughts and there have been many such intuitions that saved me from difficult situations. All these can never be explained,” says Gupta, who has worked in projects such as Comedy Circus, Bigg Boss entries, Mujhse Shadi Karogi: Shehnaaz ka Swayamvar, Comedy Nights Bachao, Honey Bunny ka Jholmal, India Ke Mast Kalandar, among others.

He is into chanting mantras and reads the Hanuman Chalisa daily. Gupta believes in good karma and tries to help financially. He has also been a mental support to many.

“I have a mentor, a guru. I follow his suggestions and speak with him about the experiences that I am going through. My guru once told me ‘if the pan is not heated up, the corn cannot pop’, so to have the best to happen it takes time and it needs to come from within. I also follow the teachings of Bhagvad Gita… Every morning we wake up 100 percent charged, now how we utilise that power is within us. If we do something productive, we will get the best result. This pandemic has taught us a lot, especially the kind of mistakes we have been making,” he ends.