Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 13 February 2021 Written Update – Gehna’s impeccable bluff.

At the beginning of the episode, everyone is in the hall waiting for the truth that who steal the jewellery. Gehna comes down. Hema gets scared after hearing police name. Sagar asks her not to worry. Kanak asks her not to worry about the jewellery. Gehna comes and said that she has proof. Jamuna asks her to show Gehna calls Anant. Anant said that he is coming with the police. Hema and Kanak get scared. Kanak asks Hema not to worry about this.

Anant said that he found the location of the jewellery. Kanak asks Sagar to change the location. Sagar goes to the kitchen and drinks water. Sagar goes to the location and tries to change it, but Anant catches him. Anant takes him to everyone and said that hr steal the jewellery and hide it in Jamuna’s room. Jamuna gets shocked. Kanak and Hema get shocked after Sagar get caught by Anant.

Anant explains how Gehna makes a plan to reveal the truth. Anant said that Gehna throws the paper at night. Anant said that Gehna makes this plan. Kanak said that she will give him punishment. Kanak slaps Sagar. Kanak said that why he did all this. Kanak do drama to bear Sagar. Praful said that he will get punishment for his sins. Gehna asks that he will get punishment.

Kanak gives hint to Hema to slap Sagar. Hema slaps Sagar and asks that he destroy her name. Hema takes Sagar out and asks to go. Sagar thinks that he will take revenge on Gehna. Gehna comes and slaps Sagar. Everyone gets shocked. Sagar gets angry at Gehna. Gehna asks him nor to do again. Kanak and Hema get shocked that Gehna slaps him. Everyone looks on.

Kanak and Hema are in their room. They both see each other and starts laughing at each other and said that her plan worked today. They laughs and said her brother got beaten today but it’s okay with him. They make a plan against Gehna. Kanak and Hema look on.

Episode end

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