Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 6 April 2021 Written Update – Hema confronts Kanak

At the beginning of the episode, Anant is trying to wake Gehna. Kanak calls Radhika and taunts her. Kanak told her that they are missing. Radhika gets angry at Kanak. Kanak makes fun of Radhika. Radhika asks her to stop. Kanak said that they must be enjoying. Radhika asks her to shut up and throws her phone. Radhika goes to find them. Anant is praying for Gehna. Anant asks Gehna to wake up. Anant asks Gehna to be conscious as he needs her. Anant makes a paste to apply on scorpion bite.

Anant is talking to Gehna. Anant Apologize to Gehna for his mistake. Anant thanks Gehna for whatever she did for him. Anant is tensed to see Gehna like this. Anant is talking to Gehna. Gehna is unconscious. Praful and Jamuna get tensed about Gehna and Anant. Everyone is waiting for them. Chetan and Pankaj come there a d said that they should complain a file. They look on. Jamuna gets scared. Hema thinks that Kanak did all this.

Hema asks Kanak to come in the room. Hema takes Kanak in the room. Kanak gets angry on Hema. Kanak is about to slap Hema, but Hema holds her hand. Kanak gets shocked. Kanak looks on. Hema asks Kanak not to do anything like this. She is not her puppet. Kanak said what happened with her. Hema said that she did all this. Kanak said that she cannot stoop so low. She said that she makes a plan against Gehna that doesn’t mean that she stoop so low. Hema looks on.

Anant is making Medicine for Gehna. Anant starts praying for Gehna. Anant applies for medicine on bites. Anant is scared. Anant takes care of Gehna. A lady comes and gives medicine to Anant and said that if Gehna doesn’t wake up in 2 hours then she will be in Danger. Anant looks on. Anant said that he did mistakes. Anant Apologize to Gehna. Anant prays to God. Jamuna gets scared after seeing the flower pot broken. Jamuna gets tensed. Anant is waiting for Gehna. Anant said that he is so lucky to have her. Anant blames himself.

Gehna wakes up. Anant gets Happy. Anant hugs Gehna. Radhika comes and sees them together. She gets jealous. Radhika asks them to come home. Anant asks her to leave. Praful and Paresh come there. They get relaxed to see them. Paresh asks about the scorpion bite. Anant explains that this lady helped him a lot. They thanks the lady. Anant takes Gehna home. Radhika looks on.

Episode end

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