Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1 December 2021 written update – Gehna wins the competition

At the beginning of the episode, Swara says that she will win this competition and no one can make her lose and she always won. Kusum asks her not to take it easy and said that she has to win this competition and said that because of this competition so many things will change where Kusum says that her mind and Swara’s legs will make her win. Anant asks Gehna to use Swara’s weakness and said that she is the master of all this and said that she will win. Gehna gets happy and said that she will remove the line between them.

The hosts welcome Baa and ask the contestants the rule and announced that how to play the game and asks them to wear shoes. Gehna sees that her shoes are stolen where Gehna asks Anant that her shoes are not there where Anant goes to bring the shoes. He saw Kusum stealing Gehna’s shoes where Kusum hides behind the car where Anant comes to Gehna and asks her that her mother stoles her shoes. Anant sees that Swara didn’t wear the shoes where Anant asks Gehna that Kusum stoles the shoes and said that he doesn’t understand what she is going to do. Gehna said that she will also not wear these shoes.
The game gets started where Gehna and everyone plays well. Gehna puts heavy things first where the judges ask Baa that why Gehna puts heavy things first, Baa said that Gehna has their own strategy. Everyone starts to run where Hema falls down due to Swara but Kusum hints Swara to go to Hema where Swara asks Hema to get up but Gehna wins the game. Baa announced that Gehna wins the game whereas Baa said that Swara also win the game.

Hema comes to meet Kanak where Hema asks Kanak that Pankaj hugs and kiss Swara. Kanak gets angry where Hema said that both sisters are fighting against each other where she shows her wounds to Kanak. Kanak hurts Hema where Hema said that she will not come here again if she does this again. Kanak Apologize to her and asks Hema to go her home and talk to her mother.

Baa comes to Gehna and said that she lost herself where Baa said that because of Swara she lost herself in the game and said that she has to focus on this family too. Everyone praises Gehna where Baa praises Swara and asks her to sit next to her. Swara gets happy and looks on.

Upcoming story: Kusum told Swara about her revenge and said that she will destroy her and she didn’t even know about it.

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